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Sabbatical: Thunderstorms at Jackfish Lake in Saskatchewan

Previous: Part 2 Family in Minnesota and crossing the Canadian border Part 3 Once in Canada, the Tahoe was immediately switched over to Metric mod..

Sabbatical: Family in Minnesota and crossing the Canadian border

Previous: Part 1 Background, preparation, and hitting the road Part 2 Mile 1146: Spirit Lake The drive to Minnesota was largely flat and uneventf..

Sabbatical: Background, preparation, and hitting the road

In August 2016 I had the opportunity to take a month off and spend that time on the road, driving from Murfreesboro, Tennessee to Yellowknife, Canad..

MacBook Pro with Touch Bar: First Impressions

The new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar has carried with it plenty of criticism even before it landed in the hands of customers. Work handed us new MacBo..

Super Simple APRS Position Reporter

Barest of bones APRS RF position reporter Updated 10/2016 I’ve been pondering an idea for a super bare-bones APRS position reporter through RF fo..

Hiking Mount Mansfield

In August I had the opportunity to hike the Sunset Ridge Trail to the summit ridge of Mount Mansfield near Burlington, Vermont. This was by far one ..

Introducing Amateur Radio Weekly

While the newsletter has been published for several issues, I recently realized I haven't formally posted anything about it! With that said, today,..

SpaceX-4 Lanuch & NASA Social: A Homecoming

I can't tell you how excited I am to have been selected to attend a NASA Social event featuring the fourth launch of SpaceX's Dragon capsule to resu..

Listening and Decoding Data Packets From the International Space Station

On June 19th I set up my Kenwood HT paired with a magnet mount antenna in the driveway, tuned the radio to 145.825 and listened to data packets from..

Building the Softrock Ensemble RXTX

Looking for a cheap HF alternative, I picked up one of the Softrock Ensemble RXTX kits and spent the last several weeks slowly putting th..